Bringing A New Revolution To USPS From Liteblue

USPS, an abbreviation for United States Postal Service is an independent, important and vast network under the USA federal government which caters to the postal services of all of the states of the USA and even includes the associated states. It is one of the largest networks of the nation that offers employment to about 7.5 million people and maintains the record of handling 156 million postal services in one year. Some of its other notable features are as follows: -

  • Generates an average annual revenue of USD 1.6 trillion
  • Has a well-defined differentiation in the various types of mailing systems like standard mail and first-class mail
  • Offering 500,000 career and 150,000 non-career opportunities in the network
  • Facilities for the elderly and disabled people and catering to their needs on an emergency basis
  • Generates its entire revenue from transport, courier and stamp charges and does not impose any form of tax
  • Cheaper costs to allow even the lower sections of the people to enjoy its services

To further dynamise its services and enhance the connectivity of the entire network, Liteblue has now switched over to LiteBlue, which provides an integrated solution for communication, services and employee care.

Briefing on LiteBlue

LiteBlue is the web-based services portal that takes care of not only the customers but also the current and retired employees of the network and has digitised all of the aspects of the postal services. It has ensured flawless postal service to the entire nation and improvised the flow of information within the various hierarchy levels.

As per this portal, every employee is provided with an employee ID and password to log in to their accounts and manage all of their daily mails and services easily. These accounts also hold their personal details that can be used during the performance evaluation and also set up for the different benefits that an employee can enjoy post-retirement.

The benefits

Following are the benefits that both the customers and employees have been able to enjoy due to LiteBlue: -

  • Easier work management by the employees due to easy maintaining of the records of various services and consignments handled by them
  • Offering all kinds of career-related information to the employees and enhancing their skills via various programmes
  • Increased dynamics of the overall postal system due to accurate and live time tracking of the various consignments of the customers
  • Offering extended record management that can be used for future works and references
  • Complete automation of the mail delivery system and ensuring cent per cent correct delivery to the customers
  • The easy flow of information due to the maintaining of various levels of hierarchy
  • The retired employees get to enjoy all forms of post-retirement benefits due to this web portal service that ensures these services.

Hence, in a nutshell, it can be inferred as to how LiteBlue has digitised the system of USPS and kept into account the benefits of all of its stakeholders i.e. customers, employees, retired members and the elderly people. Further projects are in the pipeline whose details can be found easily from the official website of the portal.

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